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Workshop Course: EE25120



We believe that community and its culture is an important factor for the healthy development of many technologies. Here in Sharif Blockchain Lab, We are trying to create and develop blockchain and decentralized systems community in Iran to be part of the global community. We conduct bitcoin meetups, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain workshops and university courses for students, developers and a wide range of industries so they can use their knowledge for solving real-world problems. Also by providing Blockchain and crypto-space contents in Persian we are making easy access to learning material and news.


Decentralized systems face fundumental problems: from scalability and privacy issues to selfish mining and Sybil attacks. We are creating and designing blockchain and decentralized protocols that are resistant to attacks and also scalable and efficient. Analysing such protocols need broad knowledge in cryptography, game theory and information theoretic concepts. For more information, see our publications page.


The blockchain is a disruptive technology that can change many industries in real-world economics and bring new applications - financial sector and banking, sharing economies, supply chain management, identity, and KYC etc. Our Mission is to provide strong team able to develop smart contracts and blockchain protocols. We accomplish this by designing and developing real DApps and private blockchains. See our projects page for more details.



“Whenever something is wrong, something is too big” Decentralization is a key for many social and economic movements toward more transparent and healthy socio-economic environment. Bitcoin was the first scheme of decentralized currency - and bring us valuable asset without controlling the third party. But Bitcoin was just a start: with advancement in blockchain and cryptography, there is a bigger deal of making markets, applications and organizations decentralized. We believe in this global movement and try to be part of it.

Emporwering People

Handing power to people is one of the most important concepts in the modern world, But with the centralization of banks, internet giants, data and media it seems impossible to achieve. Shifting to more flat society can be facilitated with blockchain technology -but still a very hard task. This needs combining deep knowledge from how societies, governments, and current economic systems work in order to design robust and fair systems.

Technology Advancement

Many effective people in the business sector believe that blockchain can provide innovative solutions for many real applications, So developing blockchain solutions can bring a higher degree of technological advancement in the economy - where transparency and shared logic plays primary rule.


Real world applications have hundreds of millions of users and process enormous number of transactions every day. If we want taking advantage of blockchain in this services, we must build efficient and scalable protocols. Designing such protocols requires deep knowledge and collaboration of researchers around the world.


Hanzale Akbari

MohammadJavad Hajialiakhani

Mohsen Mohebzade

MohammadMahdi Jahanara

Parham Broumand

Pantea Karimi

Mahyar Daneshpajouh

Arman Haghighi

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Ahmadreza Badihi

Rasoul Akhavan

Taha Toghani

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